About Us

Welcome to the Groovy Cats’ pages!

  • If you cannot sit still to the sounds of and Old Rock’n’Roll,
  • If you’re a party animal who likes to have fun in the Great Gatsby’s way,
  • If you like elegance of the 1930s – 1950s style,
  • If you’re fascinated by the good old vinyl records, music & dance, and look for the people with similar interests,
You come to the RIGHT place!

Why to join Groovy Cats?

We are a dancing duo with a crew of like-minded people who live and breathe Swing dances!
Once we discovered this amazing world of dancing, we have never quitted. You bet! Looking and dancing in style with any partner at a party, breaking your every-day routine at the classes full of fun, traveling all over the world for inspiration, meeting new friends easily – that is what the swing dance world is!
For the years of dancing we have been developing our own skills and encouraging our students to take their skills to a new level. As a result we have the new passionate instructors, bright social dancers, active competitors, and the contests winners!
If you want to realize your dance ambitions or simply dance with confidence and amaze your friends at any party, learn how to swing with us!
We offer the following swing dance styles in our studio: Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, and Collegiate Shag. Our activities include swing dance classes and workshops, show performances and dance parties. For the better visualization we provide you with our videos. Just choose what you like and contact us right now!