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Collegiate Shag Prague

Collegiate Shag is a dynamic student dance which was popular first in US in the 1920s-40s.
To get the spirit of Collegiate Shag you need to imagine yourself a 1930s dance marathon or intercollegiate contest participant anxious to take the prize, tearing your pants in order to attract the audience attention. You are a fellow in striped socks, saddle shoes, and college blazer doing badass hop and kick moves along with your partner to the up-tempo jazz music.
Along with the other swing dances Collegiate Shag has been revived. It continues to attract more and more people worldwide as it is a really blast and may turn even a very shy and modest individual into the brightest dancer on a floor!
We start from the very simple basic footwork typical for this dance and step-by-step upgrade it with sophisticated variations. Besides you will learn how to move fast to the rhythm, lead and follow, interpret the music by footwork variations. Go ahead and start with the most dynamic and stylish student dance!

Collegiate Shag Dance Classes.