Dance Classes

Groovy Cats Dance Club organizes swing dance classes for youth and adults in Prague. The dance classes are for swing dances. You will study dance steps to dance Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie or Collegiate Shag.

We launch a NEW BEGINNERS GROUP of the BACK-TO-THE-ROOTS LINDY HOP course with Vlad and Nastya from 13th January 2015! Feel free to register for this course by sending an email with your name and contact details to We give preference to the couples. Due to optimization of the leader-follower ratio at the classes, single followers may be included in the waiting list.

As announced we are starting a new dance season from 8th January 2015. However we will not launch the new beginners groups of Boogie Woogie and Collegiate Shag. Instead we would like to offer you to join the existing groups for beginners. We are making the intensive seminars 2 hours length each for all of you who would like to start with Boogie Woogie and Collegiate Shag. The first block of seminars will take place 11th January 2015.
13:00-15:10 Boogie Woogie Basics
15:20-17:30 Collegiate Shag Basics
Our goal is to make you familiar with lead and follow techniques, specifics of the footwork, style, and basic figures. After the seminars you are welcome to join the regular classes which take place on Monday (Collegiate Shag) and Wednesday (Boogie Woogie).
Price for 2-hour seminar of Boogie Woogie or Collegiate Shag is 300 CZK.
The REGISTRATION is NEEDED! Please register BEFOREHAND by sending your contact details to We will receive the registration till 8th January 2015. If we don’t have enough participants, the seminar will be CANCELLED.

Schedule | Prices | Clothes | Self-training | Terms & Conditions

The dance classes take place at the "Boogie Cats" dance studio, Vítkova 21, Prague 8. The studio is situated in the center of Prague, near Florenc metro station.
Enter the dance studio through the real estate agency PATOMA (bell on the left of the door).


Dance classes schedule from 8.1.2015.
Mo Vítkova 21 19:00 - 20:10
Shag (I/A)
Vlad & Anastasia
20:15 - 21:25
Shag (B/I)
Vlad & Anastasia
Tu Vítkova 21 19:00 - 20:10
Lindy Hop (B)
Vlad & Anastasia
We Vítkova 21 19:00 - 20:10
Boogie-Woogie (B/I)
Vlad & Anastasia
20:15 - 21:25
Boogie-Woogie (I/A)
Vlad & Anastasia
Th Vítkova 21 19:00 - 20:10
Lindy Hop (B/I-1)
Vlad & Anastasia
20:15 - 21:25
Lindy Hop (B/I-2)
Vlad & Anastasia
Fr Vítkova 21    
SuVítkova 21 Beginners seminars - maybe

Dance classes groups: "B" - Beginners, "I" - Intermediate, "A" - Advanced.
Contact us in order to obtain additional information about classes. If you’re looking for an answer right away you can read frequently asked questions.


Registration may be done through the email To register for a course please send us your name, email, phone number, the name of the class, day and time. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Price for each dance class is 200 CZK. Students and seniors - 180 CZK. You can pay either before the lesson or after it.

It is possible to pay for the whole trimester. If you want to pay for the trimester (12 lessons) when it is necessary to pay until the end of first week of the trimester. Therefor, it is posstible to try out the dance class and eventually pay the rest.
One dance class trimester: 2200 CZK (Students: 2000 CZK). One more dance class from the same teacher: 1600 CZK (Students: 1500 CZK)
You will find more information on the terms and conditions page.

Payment Options

Option 1: Bank Transfer.
Ask the teacher of the bank transfer opportunity and account number.

Don't forget to enter you phone numer as "variable number" and your full name and name of dance class as the purpose in order to we can connect your payment to you.

Option 2: PayPal or Payment Card by PayPal
If you pay by PayPal there is an additional fee of 3.4% + 10 CZK on top of your total.
Our PayPal address is:
Don't forget to enter your full name and name of dance class as the purpose in order to we can connect your payment to you.

Option 3: Cash
You can pay either before the lesson or after it.

Clothes for dance classes

Just dress comfortably. Wear anything that will not restrict your movement. T-shirts, pants. Jeans are not recommended. And put on runningshoes or something like them. No hills please, better find flat sole shoes. And mind that sometimes it makes you sweat when rehersing so the clothes should not be warm.


It means that you may come with a partner (or without) and rehearse your own stuff. Contact us in order to obtain additional information about self-training.


Please come a few minutes before the dance class begins. You need this time to meet students and instructors, talk to them and prepare yourself for the class.

We advise you to take a bottle of water with you.