Q: What does it mean - level (B), level (I) or level (A)? What level should I take?
A: Level (B) - Beginners.
You have never danced swing dancers before. You want to learn how to lead and follow, how to keep the rhythm, what is the bounce, the basic step, and the break. The beginners’ course will also help you to learn the stylistic peculiarities of the concrete dance, basic figures and variations. It is not necessary to have a partner to start the course – all the participants rotate during the class.
Level (I) - Intermediate. You have an experience in swing dancing. You know the basic techniques and figures and how to keep or break the rhythm. The intermediate course will let you work out your style and ways of musical interpretation. You will learn the more sophisticated figures including the techniques of forced leading, multiple turning, variations of footwork, breaks, and combinations.
Level (A) - Advanced. The advanced course is not only a challenge but also its overcoming.You have to be a skilled swing dancer to join the course. It means that you are not confused with a faster rhythm and keep the bounce and the techniques of lead & follow and the musical interpretation accordingly. The course will give you a deeper insight into musicality. You will learn how to represent the music by your moves on a higher and a lower level. You will learn multiple count figures including jumps and dives and how to make the complicated figures comfortable and clear for you and your partner. It is recommended to have a partner for this course.
You can join any group. Of course you can change the level if it does not suit you.

Q: I don't have a partner to attend the classes. Can I come anyway?
Of course. It's not a problem. We do rotation of partners in our classes as far as the main purpose of the classes is to prepare people for the social dancing when everyone can dance even with an unknown partner.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for the students?
Basically there are not. But we do not work with children at this time. So we can say the age can be from 16 to 55 or even more.

Q: How long it will take me to learn before I become a good dancer?
It depends on you. But if you want to get good results - you have to rehears a lot. However you should not consider swing dancing like a kind of sport training. It's a dance first of all so besides the technical aspects of dancing there is creativity as well.

Q: I don't have any experience in dancing. Are you sure I should try it?
No doubts! Our classes start from the very beginning and go step-by-step giving you not only boogie style and figures but also the basic dancing culture (both solo and couple).

Q: Can I join the beginners group now or it's better to wait for the next session?
It depends on you and on how far the group is from the very beginning. Come for the class and decide whether you join the group or wait for the new one. Basically it starts every three months. Please see schedule on the dance classes page.

Q: What kind of shoes and clothing should I wear?
Nothing special. Just dress comfortably. Wear anything that will not restrict your movement. T-shirts, pants. Jeans are not recommended. And running-shoes or something like them. No hills please, better find flat sole shoes. And mind that sometimes it makes you sweat when rehearsing so the clothes should not be warm.

Q: My partner and I would not like to rotate. We just want to dance with each other. Is it possible?
At the regular classes of beginners and beginners-intermediate levels - no. Rotation is one of the principles of teaching social dances. It gives the students opportunity to learn more that way.

If you have any questions about classes - do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be glad to answer your questions.