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Lindy Hop Dance Classes


Lindy Hop Prague.

Lindy Hop originates from Harlem in New York City of the late 1920s. It spread widely in the ballrooms of the 1930s where the big bands used to play. Lindy Hop is the basic association with swing music and dancing. Modern community of swing dancers numbers thousands of people all over the globe. It is appreciated so much due to endless opportunities of self-expression, communication in a dance couple, and improvisation. Lindy Hop is the way for a dancer to be one more “instrument” in a jazz band.
The Lindy Hop course that we offer in our studio is around the Savoy (Harlem) style of Lindy Hop, traditional Jazz moves, peculiarities of the body movement, music and dance correlation. You do not only learn the steps but also find your own form and uniqueness in the dance, obtain confidence in the way you move.
Come back to something traditional to build up something new! Find your own expression through the swing dance!

Lindy Hop Dance Classes.