What makes your dance pleasant to your partner?

dance floor

It is typical of a beginner dancer to feel confused on a dance floor or ask for a dance the more experienced one. I believe, all of us faced it once. The main reason of such confusion is the myth that the enjoyment of a dance depends directly on the super-advanced dance vocabulary. Often the more experienced dancers continue to hold this illusion and impose it on the others. This approach is not right at least in cause of the fact that there is always something in your skills that should be brushed up. Some dancers have a former professional background in styles different from the swing dances and ignore the important peculiarities of the swing dancing affecting the style. There are some tips which help to overcome the confusion and get fun on a dance floor.

Swing bounce. The leader does not have to be lazy to reproduce the rhythm with his bouncing. Many confident dancers suppose that the knowing of a plenty of figures is enough for a sophisticated dance. They start to do one by one being careless of a definite down-accented bounce. The bounce is your inner groove and the physical representation of the musical rhythm. Remember that doing the flat steps you restrain the bounce of your follower. Be bouncy, both leaders and followers. The “bounceless” dance exists separately from the music.

party dance

Clearness of leading. Gentlemen, remember that the main issue of the follower’s comprehension is your precise lead. A lady dancing with you at the moment is not supposed to attend the same dance classes and predict the concrete patterns. Keep your dance frame and check if you have a contact with your partner at the moment of leading. Do not spoil the sequence of the steps – be sure that your partner starts the motion from the right foot. Yep, there are 6-, 8-, and multi-count figures and the moments of musical interpretation. If you use it in a dance, you are responsible for the counting. Please note that a leader has to make a dance comfortable for a follower.

Simple figures done with respect to the basic swing dance techniques look better than complicated ones performed roughly. You see, dear ladies, there is a lot of work for the leaders in a dance. Please, reckon with their efforts, keep the contact, and take care of them.

social dancing

Dancing to the music. The improvisation may be considered successful only if it corresponds with the melody. You don’t have to do the basic steps all the time. Breaks, tremolos and other effects are a good reason to change or stop the footwork. Leaders don’t have to pull the followers all the time, especially if a lady starts to interpret the music. The followers should be attentive to the leading and be prepared to follow for the next musical phrase. Contact in the eyes will help to understand each other better. There is the difference between a dance class and a party dance – the studied schemes may not match the music.

Stylish clothes, fine perfume, smooth hands washed up after the public transport, and a bright welcome smile are the attributes which may excuse the imperfection of the technical skills. However a bit of diligence along with all that stuff will make you the most desirable person to dance with. No matter if you ask or being asked for a dance, don’t be shy – have fun.

written by Anastasia Feoktistova - Google+