What to wear on a dance floor?

what to wear on a dance floor

Dear ladies,
This article is addressed to you. Though it is not written by a fashion expert, I believe you will find some practical tips in attaining the following goals: good-looking, unfettered, vintage-inspired, self-confident. First of all I would like to thank you for your generous and encouraging words I heard from you at the dance parties concerning the way I look. I am not going to give you advices of image-making as well as insisting on the absolute compliance with the costume of a concrete decade. Each of us has her own intraception, taste, and understanding what suits us right. And all of us, swing ladies, have cloth preferences for a party special look. However we often face the same problem when choose the outfit – it looks good but hinders movements. It normally concerns the following cloth items:

- pencil skirts. They make us look gorgeous emphasizing the shape. But they are often too tight to make even a step. Check if the back slit is long enough and does not restrict your moves. If a skirt is high-wasted, you can combine it with any top tucked in or tied at the waist. But if it is supposed to be worn on the hips, be sure that the top is long enough to cover your belly. Otherwise it will not look “vintage-inspired” even if the textile print is nostalgic. I love a pencil skirt designed by Bernie Dexter – it definitely meets the case.

jeans and trousers on dance floor

- jeans and trousers. Unfortunately, quantity-produced items rarely correspond with the needs of a swing dancer. The jeans are to rough, narrow, or supposed to be worn on the hips. It is better to have them made to order or buy in the specializing e-shops. Freddies of Pinewoods is my favorite trade-mark. The best quality-price ratio!

- tops. If the outfit consists of the separates, I follow the simple rules in choosing the right top: no low-necked blouses with the short skirts; the blouse should be long enough to be tucked in the low waist trousers. It is not a problem to buy an appropriate blouse, shirt, or cardigan in any department store. Puff sleeves and round collars are my favorites.

dresses for dancing

- dresses. The best dresses for dancing are cotton made. You can also wear synthetic dress and feel comfortable if the fabric is light and thin. Knitwear is alright if it is stretchy.

Before to put something on think about the complete image, what message it carries (e.g. you are a sailor’s girl, or a working girl, or a soda shop girl, etc.). Your hair style will be secure if you use enough of bobby pins and hair cosmetics (for unruly hair I normally use the smooth fixation hair mousse and hair spray to form my hair and the maximum fixation hairspray to fix it). You can add a hair accessory if you like. For makeup it is optimal to use long-lasting colors (it mainly concerns an eyeliner and a lipstick).

Wear only sole flexible shoes to prevent your feet from injuries.

I hope these hints will be helpful for you. Do not hesitate to ask me for clarification – I am always glad to share the results of my research with you.

written by Anastasia Feoktistova - Google+